When you’re driving at less than 30 mph and a fox steps out in front of you, you would hope you would be able to stop.  But not when it’s right under your front wheels!  Sadly, the vixen was killed instantly but to the driver’s surprise there was a tiny cub with her.  Her mother must have been moving ‘Dolly’ from one den to another when she was hit.  Luckily for Dolly, she was unhurt and here she is cuddled up with her new pal Peanut.

The Fox Project  –  Reg Charity Number; 1044928

Styro arrived with his feet encased – so we initially thought – in cement. Turned out it was the expanding spray foam filler you use for blocking holes and it had set solid!

Now we are not saying someone had tried to block a fox earth with it, but the stuff is so quick-drying you have to be in contact with it barely seconds after application for it to stick to you.

Nothing melts or washes this stuff away easily. There’s only one real option and that’s to chip it off. But when it’s all squidged up between tiny toes it’s not going to be easy and the discomfort of pulling it away from fur is comparable to ripping Band Aid off a hairy arm!

The solution? Nail clippers! The wriggly Styro was not best pleased with being gripped tightly as the foam was systematically nibbled away – over half a dozen sessions – from one paw at a time. But he’s pleased with it now.

Thankfully, Styro didn’t lose a single claw during the process and the clipper snipper didn’t get bitten either, so everybody’s happy.   

The Fox Project  –  Reg Charity Number; 1044928


Mansfield Wildlife Rescue – Registered charity: 1186301

A private run rescue dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife regardless of species or status. We are self-funded and rely on fundraising events and any donations made by people that we are able to help.