Les Hemstock has been involved in the entertainment industry his entire life. He built his reputation as one of the UK’s leading producers and DJs leading to his eventual worldwide hit records as ‘Jive Bunny and The Mastermixers’ and ‘Hemstock & Jennings’. During his Global career Les produced more than 100 mixes released worldwide which would eventually culminate in the massive hit concept, Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers. Les toured the world and featured on numerous radio stations, TV shows and national newspaper & magazine features. Les received Silver, Gold and Platinum awards for his work in the music industry, with a highly prestigious triple platinum album award from the BPI. Following his musical success, Les invested his passion for the theatre with acting appearances on various TV shows and movies including ‘Vegas’ “CSI” and ‘Hangover 3’ – Les has since invested his efforts into his first passion in life, foxes and wildlife aid helping animals at various charities across the UK. Les has now developed his passion and set up his own rescue support “Give Wild Life” – This site www.givewildlife.com and sister site www.givewildlife.co.uk will be updated with news and stories as they happen through our links with facebook and youtube. If you have any news or information that can help an animal in need or information leading to persons involved in animal cruelty please contact us at this site with the relevant details.

Thank you

Les Hemstock


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